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Family movingIf you are preparing for first removals in your life you should read this article. We focus on different aspects of house removals which you may not be aware of. Whatever you are moving from Leeds to the country or to another town, keep in mind that in removals industry there is a high seasonality in the market and you may have difficulty with choosing a convenient time for your relocation especially during the peak season. Advance booking will allow you to select the most appropriate day to move and will allow you to save some money. Knowing useful tips on moving can results in less stressful moving. 



Two months before moving

For small and medium houses you should start planning your relocation at least two months in advance but in case of overseas shipping it may be too short notice for often busy shipping companies.

Moving  inventory

Prepare the sketch of your new apartment or house which you are moving in and think which things you want to move to a new location and where you want to set them up. You need to assess whether you have enough space in the new home to set there things you want to take with you. Knowing which stuff you need to take you need to know if the larger pieces of your house equipment will fit in the door. It may be that you will need dismantling and re-assembling services.

Make inventory of your belongings and make a list of items you want to move. This will be useful when you start looking for removal company and will allow you to get an accurate moving cost's estimate which is usually based on the volume of your move. Such an inventory will be also useful during the moving day. Make a list and don't move unwanted items as it will cost you. 

Compare removal companies

Start to look for moving companies in Yorkshire area. Decide if need full removal services or just man and van solutions.  Ask your friends or family who have been using the services of a moving company and find out if they can recommend any company for house removals in York. You can also search the internet and check the opinions on specific companies left by their customers. Also remember to compare at least a few moving firms, their prices and services. Hiring professional team will make your home moving easy, there are huge benefits of removal companies.



One month before removals

calendarIt is time to make final decision about choosing a particular moving company. Book the moving date and sign removal agreement which should state all relevant details of the service (moving date, fixed price, scope of work).  Notify your friends, family, as well as institutions that may be interested in your new address. (bank, insurance company, etc.).

Plan your day off from work. If your job requires constant contact with the office, get a replacement in place and let your employer about the possible difficulties in getting in touch with you on your moving day.

Try to terminate all the contracts for the supply media such as telephone, cable TV and internet, as well as gas, water and electricity. Typically, the contract has a one-month notice period so you should avoid paying for services that you no longer use.

Start tasks which you can do on your own.

Start collecting in one place the most important documents for your family such as insurance documents, medical files or other papers which you need have immediate  access to during and after the move.

If you decided to do all the packaging on your own, ask removal company to supply necessary packing stuff or order it from local suppliers or from online shops.

Start organizing the basement, garage, shed and other locations, you use occasionally. First decide what you need to take with you and what you do not need any more. Some of unwanted items you can sell, give to your friends or to the charity. You may also need disposal services.



Two weeks left

Organize children and pets care for moving day. Each additional person during the removals can cause difficulties and delays in the service performance. Review your personal belongings such as clothes and books, etc. Decide which one you want to take with you. The most valuable items like jewelry, laptops, tablets  you should transport on your own.  Stop buying food products with a longer shelf-life. The transport of food products require extra packing and extra time and does not guarantee  the food does not spoil.



One week to relocation

Packing yourselfIt is good time to return books to the library, DVDs and CDs to rental store. Make sure there will be enough parking space for the removal truck as close as possible outside your door. Inform all organizations and magazines which you subscribe to of your new postal address. Make sure that the keys to your new house will be available on the moving day. If you packing on your own It is good time to start this task. Organize moving boxes and packing materials, Items already packed set aside in one room on the ground floor.



One day before

Finish packing. Prepare a separate package for the most valuable items and pack them in a way that will allow you instant control over them. Prepare the most important documents that you should have all the time and find a safe place for them with instant access.  Defrost fridge, drain all water out washing machine. Be aware that defrosting may take several hours.



Moving day

Be present during the removals to be able to answer any questions. Do not try to help with the packing - put yourself in the role of the person responsible for making decisions. Inform about items requiring special treatment about which the moving company employees may not know. When moving team finish their tasks, carefully check that nothing is left in the old house. Provide details of directions to a new location for a truck driver.

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