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Shipping to Australia from York

Moving and living in AustraliaMoving to Australia from York is a dream for many Yorkshire residents. On the other hand, there is a lot of fear and doubt how to find the Yorkshire shipping company, do not drown in formalities find beneficial flight and find themselves in the new country. In order to realize the purpose of your trip to Australia, you have to start by collecting necessary information. Although today it is said that the world has become a global village, but shipping to Australia from Yorkshire brings with it a number of preparations and a number of paperwork issues. A good source of information makes getting through all the paperwork related to the shipping to OZ from York, both for tourism and permanent, will not be the least problem for us. If it's possible you should ask Yorkshire removal companies to arrange free survey and discuss all your requirements and provide you with removals advice.


Shipping companies in Yorkshire

Making the right choice of shipping company your belongings will be quickly and efficiently transferred to Australia, either by sea or by air, it all depends on your budget. The shipping services also includes all activities related to customs clearance and importation of goods into Australia.

Transporting containersFull Container Load (FCL) shipping we especially recommended for customers who have to transport heavy or bulky goods, usually in the case of a full house removals. There are used two basic types of containers: 20ft and 40ft shipping containers. Shipping firms provide full service of container transport:

  • transportation of containers by road for loading / unloading
  • port services in the port of loading and unloading
  • customs services
  • sea transport

Less Than Container Load (LCL) shipping is recommended for customers who have to send smaller parties of personal stuff, such as one to several pallets or shipping just couple of boxes to Australia. That is, delivering shipment to the warehouse and then loaded into a container with other goods of similar type. Shipping firms provide pick-ups from the customer and deliver directly to the recipient's door, ensuring that your goods will arrive safely to the destination.

For smaller loads, for the most demanding customers for whom time of delivery is a priority, we recommend air freight to Australia.  


Popular destinations in Australia - Shipping to Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne

Sydney operaAlthough the capital of Australia is Canberra, the most famous and most popular as a moving target are Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane. Australia is a very tolerant and welcoming country, with more than 20% of the population was born abroad. It is therefore a place where different cultures, races and religions clash. Despite the diversity, Australia is a country of immigrants friendly, safe and harmonious.

Australia has a lot to offer. Visible everywhere multiculturalism and bustling metropolises are interspersed with pristine areas, with some places still inhabited by indigenous peoples. These extremes create an atmosphere so unique that removals to Australia from York is a real adventure and a dream for many people.

Who among us would not like to take pictures with the most famous opera house in Sydney in the shape of outspread sails, see for yourself the mysterious Aboriginal mountain -  Uluru, also called Ayers Rock.


Import restrictions

Australia has special regulations what is allowed and what not to bring in to this country. Declaring possession of products that should not be imported into Australia, or those for which you are not sure, do not result in the receipt of financial fines. However, for those who do not do this and they get caught on import of prohibited goods into Australia, there are very high fines. Before moving to Australia it is worth to look at the list of items prohibited for import.

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