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Unwanted items when moving

During a period of time in a residence, especially six months or longer, it becomes all too easy to accumulate belongings that simply take up valuable space and can safely be got rid of. After all, it’s far easier to just shove things in drawers, cupboards, attics, etc. than it is to decide firstly to get rid of it, and secondly how and where. So read on in our simple guide of what to do with your unwanted items in case of Yorkshire house removals – the perfect opportunity to declutter.


Inventory your belongings

Old items in boxFirst of all a decision has to be made as to whether or not the item is wanted. If you aren’t sure whether to pack or throw, use the rule of thumb that has stood many others in good stead: if you haven’t seen, or used it, for a year or more then it’s an unnecessary possession. Time to get rid. Next, decide whether it’s usable or not. This involves several factors – is it functioning as it is meant to? Is it in good working order as opposed to functioning but falling apart? Is it clean, or clean-able? And finally, is it something other people are going to want to use, or is it too outdated? An excellent example is that of modern televisions. In a world where virtually everybody has flat screen TVs, the old box style televisions have become obsolete. So even if you have one to get rid of that works perfectly well, chances are that no-one will want it and it will end up in the tip. There is a fundamental benefit of getting rid of unnecessary things - the lower the volume of your move, the cheaper services from Leeds removals firms, additional you will spend less time on packing house belongings.


Disposal services in Yorkshire

If you decide that it’s broken or unusable, and to be thrown away, then you have several choices.  You can try and sell it for parts, if it’s an electrical item. Many people will buy even things like broken hair straighteners if they think they can fix them. But if there really is no value in the item then a recycling plant is one option, either at a local tip or a specialist Yorkshire disposal place – you can hire York man with van for cheap transport unwanted stuff to nearest disposal place or benefit from firms that offer full service removals in York. And if recycling isn’t possible then the tip will have many skips it can be deposited into.


Sell or give to charity

Unwanted belongingsHowever, obviously the ideal solution is to re-home your unwanted item. Most people will choose to sell if they can in order to make some profit, however small. If that is your preference then there are a number of online websites where you can list your advertisement, such as gumtree, preloved, ebay and craigslist. If you prefer to sell in person then car boot sales could be the ideal choice for you. Plenty of people make a substantial amount of money at these sales; your old junk can be someone else’s new treasure.

If you aren’t bothered about selling your item, then you can give it away for free. Advertisements for free things can be listed online, again at gumtree or freeads. Or in the relevant section of your local newspaper, or even in a shop window nearby you. It’s possible that friends and family might be willing to take it, or failing that then charity shops are grateful for most things. They rely heavily on good quality donations to raise money for their chosen area.


Shred confidential stuff

And the final thing to bear in mind is to be ultra-careful with documents of a personal nature. The possibility of having your details cloned, or other similar crimes, is high if you don’t take care. Therefore, it is best to shred things like bank statements, personal letters, credit card agreements – anything that could cause trouble if it fell into the wrong hands. Don’t take the risk – shred it or burn it.

Minimizing the amount of things to carry when moving is particularly important if you are looking for York shipping overseas services, where every cubic foot strongly affects the price of moving

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