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Boxes ready for packingIf you are planning house moving in Yorkshire, one essential packing tool that you cannot do without is the packing box. It is not every type of box is suitable for packing. Besides, each item requires a unique type, size and shape of packing box. In other words, it is the types of items to be moved that determine the types, sizes and shapes of packing box you will require. Thus, it is important that you know the various types, sizes and shapes of packing boxes available for packing and the items they are meant for in order to know which one is most suitable for your items. If you are using full services moving services you do not have to worry about the boxes but If you are going to do the packing on your own, you can also ask local Sheffield removals company you hire to provide you with the right sizes and shapes of boxes if you cannot buy them yourself. Here are some common sizes of packing boxes.


Small moving boxes

Small cardboard boxesThe smallest packing box is 1.5 cubic foot cartons for general purpose. It is suitable for packing of small items that are somewhat heavy. Typical examples of items that can be packed in this size of boxes are books, canned foods or goods, CDs, VCR tapes, records and other heavy small tools. They are basically rectangular or square in shape. However, it can be customised to suit the shape of items to be packed in them.


Medium boxes

Medium size carton is approx. 3 cubic foot box. It is commonly used for packing of workhorses and other small but heavy items that are too big to be put in the 1.5 cubic foot carton. Some of the examples of items that can be packed in this size of packing box include but not limited to the following:

  • Lamp bases
  • Small kitchen appliances
  • Pots and pans
  • Small outdoor tools
  • Electronic gadgets


Large moving boxes

Large 4.5 cubic foot boxes are meant for the packing of workhorses and items that are too heavy to be packed in the 3.0 cubic foot carton. It is a large size of carton for packing items. Try not to put to many heavy thins in this kind of box, as it may be too heavy to lift for Sheffield man and van team. Here are some of the items to be packed in this size of box:

  • Non hanging clothes
  • Linens
  • Children toys
  • Non breakable kitchen good such as baking sheets
  • Tupperware
  • Stainless plates and others


6.0 cubic foot boxes

In the category of general purpose packing box, this is the largest size of box available for packing. It can be used for the packing of numerous light items. It is not good to pack a lot of heavy items in this type of box because it will be too heavy to be carried or lifted unless a dolly or several people are lifting it. Some of the items to be packed in it are blankets, area rugs, stuffed toys, pillow, winter coats, kitchen utensils like plat, pots and cutleries.


Boxes for special purposes

Box for wardrobe clothesNormally, the above mentioned sizes of packing boxes are either square or rectangular in shape. However, if you have a special item to be moved, you can ask for a customised packing box that will suit the size and shape of the item.

Here are some special types of packing cartons available in various shapes and sizes.

File box which is used to pack files is available in a number of sizes. The smallest size is 15x12x10. But there is a larger size with 24x12x10 dimension. This large file box comes with handles for easy carriage.

Office moving box is meant for the packing of office tools. It comes with handles and is not normally taped. Its dimension is 17x12x12.

Picture box are available in a number of sizes. It is meant for packing of various sizes of pictures and mirrors. The small size which is meant for packing one picture is 24x4x26 in size while the medium size is 37x4x27. There are medium, large and extra large picture boxes available in these dimensions 37x4x31-61, 48x4x33 and 48x4x37-60 respectively. The right picture box to use depends on the size and number of pictures or mirror to be moved.

Small wardrobe box measures 20x20x45. The large size is 24x20x48. They come with bar on which clothes can be hung. They also have handles for easy carriage.

There are other sizes of boxes for packing different items like king mattress box, queen mattress box and others. It is worth nothing that Sheffield shipping firms do not allow you to send stuff in used boxes so you if you are shipping your items overseas you have to use a brand new boxes. 

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