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How to move on a rainy day

Tips on moving when it's rainingSo it is the big day when you have finally decided to move from Yorkshire to your new house in different area. All the things are packed and ready to be transported. However, soon you realize that everything did not go as you expected. There is a lot of rainfall which has become a big hindrance in your process. Under such conditions, you should not cancel the process of moving as it cost you extra money for the arrangements you made with your local Harrogate removals team. You do not have to worry at all; you just need to be careful and take certain precautions to make sure the process goes smooth. This article with guide you how to protect your stuff and how to move carefully on a rainy day. Wondering how to move smoothly during bad weather?  You are just required to follow these moving step by step tips and you are good to go.


Protection of Furniture

Protect furniture against rainThe most sensitive and expensive items which need to be protected first of all are those made of wood. Your furniture is the one which has to be protected in the very first place because it will be ruined it water soaks into it. In this regard, you need to make sure that all of the furniture is covered. You should first cover it with cloth which would be able to soak all the water. Then you should add a layer of plastic over it and pack it tightly to disable water from penetrating inside. If this is done properly, you are good to go.


Changing or covering boxes

As you are aware of the fact that cardboard boxes can easily let water soak into the, we will need to protect these boxes as well. One solution to this problem would be to wrap them tightly in plastic sheets to provide insulation from water. However, if the rain is heavy, other precautions might be required. You will need to shift these cardboard boxes into large plastic boxes which will prevent water to soak into them. Furthermore, you will also need to make sure each box is tightly closed.


Protection of machines and appliances

As you know that electrical appliances will become useless if water gets into their system, you would need to be very careful while transporting them. Large appliances like refrigerators will need to be wrapped in cloth and plastic sheets as well. It would be good if these machines are sent in separate vehicles which are covered from all sides to avoid water from getting in.


Loading the materials on the Vehicle

Two man loading chest of drawersSo, once you have secured all the equipment, you need to make sure that it is loaded in the appropriate manner. The floor of your house will be wet due to rain. Under such conditions, you should cover the floor with towel and rugs so that no one slips while loading the materials on the vehicle. You should park the vehicle as close as possible to the entrance of your house so that immediately all stuff can be loaded without any loss. It would be much better if you load all of these materials in your garage so that it is not exposed to water at all. One extra advice to you is to wear appropriate shoes while loading the materials so that you do not accidently slip and harm yourself.


Drive Safely

Driving moving truckSo once you have loaded all the materials and started off towards your destination, you need to remember that the main task is not over yet. If you cannot transport you belongings appropriately to your new house then all your efforts become void. If you moving on your own, and using Harrogate van hire services without driver,  you have to drive in a safe manner. Remember that the brakes will not work effectively due to the wet roads; so you should drive slowly. Furthermore, fast driving can cause your things to slip over or fall leading to breakage. So go through this last step in the best way possible. If your do this perfectly, you have done your job very well.

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