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Moving piano

Piano instumentPiano is one gigantic instrument that is not only heavy but is very expensive and vulnerable as well. A small damage caused to it during the move can cost the owner a lot of money. A small dent or scratch can cause problems in piano. So, it is very important to avoid any kind of mishaps that might lead to problems in the piano. It is highly recommended to hire professional Yorkshire removal companies to move the piano from one place to another because the experienced Leeds or Hull removals firms know how to safely move the piano after taking all the necessary precautions and prevention methods. These people know how to maneuver the piano through the stairs and elevators and how to put it safely in the moving vehicle.


Moving piano requires assistance

The first thing that people have to keep in mind while moving a piano is to never to try to move it alone. Moving a piano can be an impossible job if people try to move it alone. So, it is a must that they gather enough manpower that will help them to move the piano out of the old place and into the new place. Pianos are very heavy and people do not have superpowers that will make them capable of carrying it. So, they should simply ask for help. They may ask their friends and families or they may ask professional helpers to move it. If you need to move just the piano you may not require full moving services so you can find local York man and van firms as most of the specialize in moving piano and other heavy items. There are plenty of benefits of hiring removal company. Due to the weight of the piano, it may require some heavy straps that will be able to hold the weight of it. A number of equipment are available that will aid in the moving of the piano. The equipment can be either bought or rented. Besides that some blankets and soft materials can prevent the piano from getting any kind of dents or scratches or damages during the move. Many people prefer to wrap it completely with a soft blanket or pads to prevent it from damage caused by the movement of the moving vehicle.


How to protect and move the piano

How to protect piano when movingSince pianos are not only heavy but very delicate as well, people will have to take extra precaution and prevention steps to make sure that it is not damaged during the move. Some extra precautions should be taken if you are moving on a rainy day. Many people tend to forget to cover the keyboard of the piano. Just closing the keyboard lid is not enough; it has to be locked as well. The keys are very fragile so they have to be protected. Sometimes the keyboard lid might not be locked. In that case, the people can simply wrap the piano with blankets or pads in such a way that the keyboard lid becomes tightly shut. People tend to think that carrying the piano by lifting its legs. This is a very, very wrong move. The pianos are vulnerable in the piano which means that people might be damaging its legs by holding the whole weight of it at the leg. Another thing that they should keep in mind is the position that they must carry the piano in. While carrying it, the position of the piano should be upright and not tilted at all.


Loading piano in the van

Secure piano transportationWhile placing the piano in the moving truck, it should be made sure that it is in the back of the vehicle. They can use planks to level up the floor for the piano. Besides that they can use straps to secure it to the vehicle’s wall. This will ensure that it won’t move here and there once the vehicle starts to move. Once the intended destination is reached, the people should predetermine the place where the piano will be placed. This will help the other people to maneuver the piano to the right place. 

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